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This will guide you through the tutorial at and provide numerous practice activities to test your skills in C++.


Seriously. Code right. You never know where those pesky velociraptors might be hiding.

You may wish to read the tutorial's introductory notes before you continue on to the first lesson.

Note about Extras

Firstly, there are "companion videos" that go along with each lesson. They do not replace the readings that are given in each lesson. They are intended to reinforce concepts taught in the readings. Please read the readings first.

You also may notice sections labeled 'Extra Practice' or 'Extra Reading'. These are not required, but are put there for your benefit. You do not need to complete them.

Extra Practice should be completed AFTER the main activity.


It is next to impossible to learn C++ (or any programming language, for that matter) without being able to run your programs. So, you will need to download Code::Blocks, an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It provides an advanced text editor with syntax highlighting and a quick way to compile and run your program.

Chapter Index

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