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Paul's Tutorials is a series of in-depth tutorials designed to teach beginning programmers everything they need to know to program an FRC robot. It includes a guided tutorial through the C++ tutorial at and a tutorial over WPILib.

Paul's Tutorials is written and maintained by students of FRC Team #67, The Heroes of Tomorrow. It is not endorsed by WPI.


Note to other teams

If you're from another team, cool! I hope that you find these tutorials useful. We have put a lot of work into these so that they can be as accurate and informative as possible.

We would like to point out, however, that specifically the WPI tutorial teaches students to program directly into the IterativeRobot class provided by WPI. There are style notes regarding the RobotBuilder tool on a few pages, but, for the most part, specifics on RobotBuilder are not explored as a part of this tutorial.

Additionally, we have tried to make the WPI tutorial as resource-independent as possible, but there are some activities that include information on some of our past robots. If you see information like this, don't panic! Read the opening paragraphs of the activity's description closely; these describe the goal of the activity, so you can suit it to your needs.

Help us out!

We love your feedback! You may send your comments, questions, or concerns regarding the tutorials to You may also open a new issue on the tutorials' GitHub repository (see below).



The fastest way to reach the maintainers is to open an issue on our GitHub repository.

To get started, copy the following template into your issue and fill it out:

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# Description

If you see an issue with a page's layout or with some of our JavaScript functions, fill out the Browser/Version, OS, and Steps to reproduce tags. If you want to suggest an improvement to the content or function of the tutorials, then you may omit these tags.

Pull requests

Or, if you have HTML, CSS, or JavaScript experience and would like to contribute directly, then you can fork the repository and give us a pull request!


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